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The Association and You

    * Kinsmen and Kinettes belong to a very special Association and we may be proud of our achievements. Our pride in the Canadian way of life and personal development increases with our Kin experience.

   * Our Association is represented in all parts of Canada by members of all creeds and colours. The high ideals of fellowship, personal development, and a commitment to the community service unites us all.

   * There are approximately 535 Kinsmen and 400 Kinettes clubs representing a total membership of over 15,000. The Kin family annually raises more than $25 million. This is reported to be the highest level of service funds raised per member by any such group in the world.

   * The Kin experience is not all work and no play. We enjoy warm fellowship with our friends and participate in countless recreational and social activities. Being a family based organization, there is a chance for total involvement though Kin of ourselves, our spouses and our children.

   * Kin is not a secret society, but a means to fellowship, public service and personal betterment. Our purpose is to do unselfish community service in an open atmosphere of friendship. The purpose of the Association is therefore practical and public, not mystical and secret.


Membership requirements:

* Age 19 or older.

* Possess the need to help the Wallaceburg community.

* Check out the What Is Kinsmen page.

* If you are interested in joining contact one of our members.

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